The MOMS Club of Saucon Valley West, PA provides many activities and services for our members. A calendar and monthly newsletter is sent to all members to inform them of upcoming events. We periodically add and change things as needed, based on the suggestions of our members. We try to provide a variety of programs for everyone's needs and interests. Ideas for new programs and improvements are always welcome.

Here is a brief description of a few of the activities and services the club currently provides.

PlayGroups: Our playgroups meet a couple of times a month. If you choose to join a play group, our coordinator will match you with groups by your child/childrens age.

Park Playdates: This summer we met at local parks convenient for our members so our Moms and their children can play and interact with each other. Local parks might include Quakertown Memorial Park, Molasses Creek Park, Dimmick Park and Upper Saucon Park.

Moms Night Out: Once a month our moms have the opportunity to get out and socialize. Our Mom's Night Out might include meeting at a restaurant, or another mom's house to socialize and have some adult time.

Walking Club: We have many moms that like to meet at parks when the weather is nice and walk the trails with the children.